Trademark Registration in Taiwan

Taiwan adopts a "first-to-file" trademark system. To gain exclusive right protections for your products and services in Taiwan, it is recommended to register your trademark in Taiwan. We have made the process and procedure simple and often can have trademarks applied within 24 hours of receiving the required documents and fees.

Trademark agent requirements

If you don’t have a place of residence or business in Taiwan, then you must designate an agent for the trademark registration who has a place of residence in Taiwan (Article 6 of the Trademark Act).

Registration processing time

4-6 months.

Registration duration and renewal

Valid for 10 years. Renewed 6 months before its expiration or 6 months after it with the additional fee.

Territory principle

Trademarks registered in the Republic of China is only protected in Taiwan.

Registration combinations

If your trademark is a combination of a symbol and words then if approved the exclusive right will be given for a trademark’s exact combination. If you wish to use its elements separately, you must separately apply for trademarks that contain only its components.

International protection

As of the time of this writing, Taiwan is not a member of any international trademark treaties.

Power of attorney guidelines

Trademark applicants can jointly provide one power of attorney designating an agent when the application involves more than a single applicant. They also have the option to provide separate power of attorney while designating the same agent.

Chinese translation of application documents

All additional documents provided should be translated into Chinese (Power of Attorney, priority documents, certificate of incorporation, etc.)

Our Trademark Services

  1. Application form
  2. Power of Attorney
  3. Trademark representation (we accept file formats: png, jpeg, tif, bmp, pdf, psd, gif, mp3, wma, wav)
  4. Service fee
  5. Government fee
  6. Identification: passport for individuals; business registration certificate for companies
Special circumstances: Other documents (translated into Chinese) (e.g. priority document)
  1. Application form
  2. Power of Attorney
  3. Service fee
  4. Government fee
The following is required only if your initial trademark registration was not previously filed with Kingdoms Law Firm:
Upon request by our long-term clients, we offer cutting-edge trademark searches which is further reviewed by computer vision AI system designed by Kingdom's Law Firm's technical team. To the best of our knowledge, we are the first law firm in Taiwan to develop such a technology.
We help our clients manage their trademark portfolio. This includes preparation, registration, and status tracking.