2021 Founder Recognition for Legal Contribution

Our founder has been recognized by Chung Sheng Daily News as a highly competent legislator. The article acknowledges that her contributions to legislation such as Securities and Exchange Act, Patent Law, Statute for Industrial Innovation, Act for Development of Small and Medium Enterprise, Personal Data Protection Act, and The Act Governing Electronic Payment Institutions have contributed to the improvement in quality for national businesses, financial environment, administration of justice and public life in Taiwan.

Legal 500 Recognition

Over the course of a decade, our founder has been consistently recognized by Legal 500 as a leading individual. Her name has been mentioned in legal areas including TMT, intellectual property and securities.

Asian Legal Business May 2013 Edition

Asian Legal Business review acknowledges the departure of Principal Partner Stacey Lee from Baker Mckenzie, which held leading position in Taiwan.

Your Legal Solution

We are not your traditional law firm. We are a boutique law firm specializing in legal solutions for corporations. Our team is composed of Taiwan and U.S. licensed attorneys. We help startups go public and provide solutions in corporate, M&A, cross-border transactions, intellectual property, securities, and litigation.

A Little History

Recognized by The Legal 500 as a leading individual for over a decade, our founder has a long established track record of success in legal matters. As a former Senior Partner at Baker Mckenzie, she has led its intellectual properties and securities practice. Stacey is one of the first attorneys in the history of Taiwan to qualify as an attorney in both Taiwan and the United States. Going above and beyond, she also served in the Legislative Yuan and teaches law at National Chiao Tung University and Soochow University.

Bold and Innovative

We leverage artificial intelligence and custom software to our advantage. Our attorneys value computer security and data protection. Systems are updated regularly to reduce vulnerabilities to modern exploits. We use encryption to protect your data. We are ahead of legal changes which enables us to provide innovative solutions and address novel legal matters.

Quality versus Quantity

Our senior attorneys and consultants have over three decades of legal experience. We choose to be small and agile to provide you the best experience. Our team is selectively recruited and composed of graduates from the most prestigious universities in the world. They are trained to meet the highest legal standards. Our law firm is composed of native Russian, English and Chinese speakers, enabling us to effectively communicate with international organizations. For cross-border matters, we are not bound by any legal networks, which gives us the freedom to collaborate with the world's best legal counsels for your specific case.


We are dedicated to your success and we like winning. Your success is our success. Preventative measures is our philosophy. Our value is our ability to minimize your legal risks and costs. We are interested in establishing a long-term relationship with you and our legal team is dedicated to your success.



Attorney in Taiwan

Stacey Lee

Inactive during public service 2020-2024

Meet the Team

Taiwan Attorney

Jack Tun

Managing Attorney

D. Liu

Technical Consultant

M. Lu

Of Counsel


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