Trademark Act Article 80Nov. 30, 2016

Definitions of certification mark and geographical certification mark

A certification mark is a sign that serves to certify a particular quality, accuracy, material, mode of manufacture, place of origin or other matters of another person’s goods or services by the proprietor of the certification mark and distinguish the goods or services from those that are not certified.

Where the certification mark referred to in the preceding paragraph serves to certify a place of origin, the goods or services from that geographical region shall have a given quality, reputation or other characteristic. An applicant may file an application for registration of a sign which contains such geographical name or is capable of indicating such geographical region as a geographical certification mark.

The Competent Authority shall coordinate with the central government authorities in charge of end enterprises in order to provide guidance and grants to industries that are in difficulties, industries that are on the verge of being in difficulties and traditional industries, to help them raise their productivity and the quality of their products; and to help them establish industry-specific certification marks to certify their products as made in Taiwan.

The regulations governing the identification, provision of guidance, objects and standards and duration of provision of grants, and other matters to be followed shall be prescribed by the Competent Authority in consultation with each central government authority in charge of end enterprises. If necessary, fees charged in connection with the certification mark may be waived.

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