Trademark Act Article 72Nov. 30, 2016

Application to Customs for detention

A proprietor of a registered trademark may file an application to Customs for detention of articles that are suspected of infringing the rights in the trademark.

Any application referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be filed in writing, accompanied by a statement of the facts of the infringement and a security in an amount equivalent to the duty-paid price of the imported articles or the F.O.B. price of the exported articles, assessed by Customs, or equivalent assurance.

Customs shall immediately give a notice to the applicant once the application for detention is admitted; if suspected articles are detained because the application conforms to the preceding paragraph, Customs shall give a notice to the applicant and the owner of detained articles in writing.

The owner of detained articles may request Customs to revoke the detention on provision of a security equivalent to two times the security referred to in the Paragraph 2 or equivalent assurance while following the procedures in accordance with applicable Customs Regulations on import and export articles clearance.

Where the applicant is awarded a final judgment of the court stating that the detained articles have infringed trademark rights, the owner of detained articles shall be liable for all relevant expenses incurred as a result of the delay of containers, warehousing, loading, and unloading of the detained articles.

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