Trademark Act Article 41Nov. 30, 2016

Removal of license from the Register

Before the expiry of the period of a license, a concerned or an interested party may, by submitting relevant evidence, request the Registrar Office to remove the license from the Register under any of the following:

(1) both the proprietor of the registered trademark and the licensee agree to terminate the license; such request shall also apply to the sub-license;
(2) where the licensing contract expressly prescribes that either the proprietor or the licensee may terminate the license at any time, the concerned party declares the termination;
(3) due to the licensee’s breaching the licensing contract, the proprietor gives such licensee a notice of rescinding or terminating the licensing contract, and the licensee shows no objection thereto; or
(4) there is other relevant evidence capable of establishing that the license no longer exists.

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