Trademark Act Article 38Nov. 30, 2016

Change and correction of registration; time limit on division and restriction

No amendments shall be made to the reproduction of a trademark and the designated goods or services thereof after the trademark has been registered, unless such amendment is a restriction of designated goods or services.

Articles 24 and 25 shall apply mutatis mutandis to any change or correction of the particulars of a trademark registration.

If an application for opposition, invalidation or revocation has been entered at the Registrar Office against a registered trademark, any division of the registration or restriction of the designated goods or services shall be requested before the disposition of the application is rendered.

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Trademark Act Article 24Nov. 30, 2016

Change to application

Changes to the name or address of the applicant, the trademark agent, or any other particulars in an application for registration shall be made by submitting to the Registrar Office a request therefor.

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Trademark Act Article 25Nov. 30, 2016

Correction of application

The following errors in the particulars of an application for registration of a trademark may be corrected upon request or ex officio:

(1) errors in the name or address of the applicant;
(2) errors of wording or of copying; or
(3) any other obvious mistakes.

The correction referred to in the preceding paragraph shall not affect the identity of the trademark or broaden the scope of the designated goods or services.

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