Trademark Act Article 36Nov. 30, 2016

Limits on effect of registered trademark "A registered trademark shall not entitle the proprietor to prohibit a third party from:

(1) indicating his/her own name, or the term, shape, quality, nature, characteristic, intended purpose, place of origin, or any other description in relation to his/her own goods or services, in accordance with honest practices in industrial or commercial matters and not using it as a trademark;
(2) using where it is necessary for the goods or services to be functional; or
(3) using bona fide, prior to the filing date of the registered trademark, an identical or similar trademark on goods or services identical with or similar to those for which the registered trademark is protected, provided that the use is only on the original goods or services; the proprietor of the registered trademark is entitled to request the party who use the trademark to add an appropriate and distinguishing indication.

Where goods have been put on the domestic or foreign market under a registered trademark by the proprietor or with his consent, the proprietor is not entitled to claim trademark rights on such goods, unless such claim is to prevent the condition of the goods been changed or impaired after they have been put on the market or there exist other legitimate reasons.

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