Trademark Act Article 32Nov. 30, 2016

Disposition of acceptance; payment of registration fee; relief measure of failure to pay

An application for trademark registration shall be accepted if, after examination, none of the grounds for refusal prescribed in Paragraph 1 of the preceding article is found to exist.

A trademark been accepted for registration shall be published for registration and a trademark certificate shall be issued, provided that the registration fee has been paid by the applicant within two months from the day following the date of the service of the disposition. Where the said fee remains unpaid by the end of the prescribed period, a trademark shall not be published for registration.

Where an applicant has unintentionally failed to pay the fee within the period prescribed in the preceding paragraph, the applicant may pay double within six months from the day following the date on which the prescribed period expires, in which case the Registrar Office will publish the registration. However, this shall not be applied if an application for trademark registration filed or rights of a trademark obtained by a third party during such period would be affected.

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Trademark Act Article 31Nov. 30, 2016

Disposition of refusal; time limit on request of restriction of goods or services, amendment to reproduction without substantial change, division and disclaimer

An application for trademark registration shall be refused if it is held, after examination, that under Paragraph 1 or 3 of Article 29, Paragraph 1 or 4 of the preceding paragraph, or Paragraph 3 of Article 65, the trademark shall not be registered.

Before rendering a disposition of refusal pursuant to the preceding paragraph, a written notice stating grounds for refusal shall be given to the applicant, who may make observations on the intended refusal within the prescribed period.

Any restriction of the designated goods or services, amendment to the reproduction of a trademark which does not substantially change such trademark, division of an application for registration, or disclaimer shall be requested before the disposition of refusal is rendered.

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