Trade Secrets Act Article 10Jan. 15, 2020

Any of the following acts shall be deemed as a misappropriation of a trade secret:

1. To acquire a trade secret by improper means;
2. To acquire, use, or disclose a trade secret as defined in the preceding item knowingly or unknowingly due to gross negligence;
3. To use or disclose an acquired trade secret knowing, or not knowing due to gross negligence, that it is a trade secret as defined in item one;
4. To use or disclose by improper means a legally acquired trade secret; or
5. To use or to disclose without due cause a trade secret to which the law imposes a duty to maintain secrecy

The term 'improper means ' as referred to in the preceding paragraph shall mean theft, fraud ,coercion, bribery, unauthorized reproduction ,breach of an obligation to maintain secrecy ,inducement of others to breach an obligation to maintain secrecy, or any other similar means.

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