Intellectual Property Case Adjudication Act Article 3June 4, 2014

Where there is technological equipment on the premises of the parties, representatives, agents, advocates, assistants ad litem, witnesses, verification experts or other related parties to an action, which equipment may enable the live transmission of voice and image of a trial, the court may authorize the use of such equipment upon motion or on its own initiative. "In the circumstances of the preceding paragraph, the court shall seek the opinions of the parties.

In the circumstances of the first paragraph, the venue of attendance specified on the date notification or summons shall be the premises where such equipment is located.

If a record or other documents are prepared during an action pursuant to the first paragraph, and the signature of the person being interrogated is required, such documents shall be transmitted from the court, i.e. interrogator, to the premises of the party being interrogated. After verifying the contents of the transcript and signing thereon, the party being interrogated shall telefax or transmit via other technological equipment the transcript to the court.

The rules governing the trial described in the first paragraph and transmission of documents in the preceding paragraph shall be established by the Judicial Yuan.

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