Intellectual Property Case Adjudication Act Article 29June 4, 2014

With respect to a summary proceeding for a case concerning Article 23, its supplemental civil action shall be decided with the criminal action at the same time. However, if necessary, it can be decided within 60 days after the criminal action is concluded.

Provisions in Articles 436-2 through 436-5 of the Code of Civil Procedure shall apply mutatis mutandis to an appeal to the third instance court against a judgment of the second instance in a supplemental civil action under a summary proceeding.

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Intellectual Property Case Adjudication Act Article 23June 4, 2014

An indictment of any of the criminal offenses prescribed in the first part of Subparagraph 2, and Subparagraph 4, Article 3 of the Intellectual Property Court Organization Act, shall be filed with the competent district court. The same applies where the prosecutor makes a motion for a summary proceeding.

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