Intellectual Property Case Adjudication Act Article 27June 4, 2014

Where the court decides that a supplemental civil action collateral to a case concerning Article 23 is illegal, or the defendant in a criminal action on which a supplemental civil action is based is acquitted, or such criminal action is exempted or dismissed, the court shall make a judgement to dismiss such supplemental civil action. Where the criminal action has been dismissed by a ruling, the court shall make a ruling to dismiss the plaintiff's action.  "Except where the third instance court rules pursuant to Articles 508 through 511 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the court shall try the supplemental civil action of a case concerning Article 23 by itself, and Paragraph 1, Article 504, and the first part of Paragraph 1, Article 511 of the Code of Criminal Procedure shall not apply. This provision shall not apply where lack of jurisdiction is held and the case is transferred pursuant to Paragraph 2, Article 489 of Code of Criminal Procedure.

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