Criminal Code of the Republic of China Article 85Jan. 15, 2020

The period of limitation of execution shall be interrupted by the execution of punishment. The same shall apply when the period is interrupted and the execution cannot be continued due to the following conditions: "1. The execution is interrupted according to law. "2. The criminal has escaped and been put on the wanted list or has escaped during the period of execution and as a result the execution cannot be continually carried on. "3. The criminal is subjected to restriction of freedom on another legal reason. "When the cause for interruption continues to exist and the period of this interruption has reached one-third of the period prescribed in paragraph 1 of Article 84, the cause of interruption shall be considered to have vanished. "The period of limitation of the first paragraph shall commence from the day when the cause of interruption vanishes and shall be counted together with the pre-interruption period.

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