Criminal Code of the Republic of China Article 77Jan. 15, 2020

If there is evidence of repentance during the execution of imprisonment, a parole may be granted upon application by the prison authority to the Ministry of Justice after twenty-five years of a sentence to life imprisonment or after one half of a sentence to imprisonment or after two-thirds of the imprisonment of for an recidivist has been served. "The provisions of the preceding paragraph shall not apply to the following circumstances: "1. The execution of a sentence to imprisonment has not been reached six months. "2. The recidivist of an offense that carries a principal punishment of minimal five-year imprisonment intentionally commits in five years after completing the execution of the punishment or after being pardoned after the execution of part of the punishment an offense that carries a minimum principal punishment of not less than five years. "3. The offender of the crime listed in Article 91-1 who, after being counseled or treated during the execution of the punishment, is founded through appraisal or evaluation as having not remarkably reduced the danger of repeating the offense. "The number of days of detention exceeds one year before the sentence to life imprisonment becomes definitive shall be taken into account in item 1.

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