Criminal Code of the Republic of China Article 61Jan. 15, 2020

When one of the following offenses is slight or committed under pitiable circumstances, the punishment may be remitted if the punishment mitigated in accordance with the provisions of Article 59 is still considered to be too severe: "1.the offenses for which the maximum principal punishment is an imprisonment of not more than three years, or a short-term imprisonment, or a fine; except for those offenses specified in paragraph 1 of Article 132, Article 143, Article 145 and Article 186, and the offense (if against a lineal blood ascendant) specified in paragraph 3 of Article 271. "2. the offenses of larceny as specified in Article 320 or 321. "3. the offenses of embezzlement as specified in Article 335 or paragraph 2 of Article 336. "4. the offenses of fraud as specified in Article 339 or 341. "5. the offenses of breach of trust as specified in Article 242. "6. the offenses of extortion as specified in Article 346. "7. the offenses of receiving stolen property as specified in paragraph 2 of Article 349.

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