Criminal Code of the Republic of China Article 5Jan. 15, 2020

This Code shall apply to any of the following offenses outside the territories of the Republic of China: "1. The offense of sedition specified in Article 100. "2. The offense of treason specified in Article 103. "3. The offense of obstructing governmental operation specified in Article 135, 136 or 138. "4. The offenses against public safety specified in Article 185-1 or 185-2. "5. The offenses of counterfeiting currency specified in Article 195 to 199. "6. The offenses of counterfeiting securities specified in Articles 201 to 202. "7. The offenses of forgery specified in Articles 211, 214, 218 or 216, in which only includes using forged official documents as specified in Articles 211, 213 and 214. "8. The drug offenses specified in Chapter 20, except for the offenses of drug abuse or possession of drugs, seeds or application tools or drug. "9. The offenses against personal freedom specified in Articles 296 and 296-1. "10. The offenses of piracy specified in Articles 333 and 334. "11. The offenses of aggravated fraud specified in Articles 339-4.

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