Copyright Act Article 96-2May 1, 2019

If a fine is to be imposed pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter, the financial ability of the offender and the benefit he/she has obtained through commission of the offense shall be taken into account. If the benefit obtained exceeds the maximum fine, such fine may be increased within the limit of the obtained benefit.

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Copyright Act Article 96May 1, 2019

A fine of up to fifty thousand New Taiwan Dollars shall be imposed for violations of the provisions of the second paragraph of Article 59 or the provisions of Article 64.

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Copyright Act Article 96-1May 1, 2019

In any of the following circumstances a sentence of up to one year imprisonment or detention shall be imposed, or in lieu thereof or in addition thereto, a fine of not less than twenty thousand and not more than two hundred and fifty thousand New Taiwan Dollars:

1.Violation of Article 80-1.
2.Violation of paragraph 2 of Article 80-2.

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