Copyright Act Article 48-1May 1, 2019

Central or local government agencies, educational agencies that have been established by law, or libraries open to the public may reproduce abstracts appended to the following works where such works have been publicly released: "1.Masters theses or doctoral dissertations written under the 'Degree Conferral Act,' where the author has obtained a degree. "2.Academic papers published in periodicals. "3.Research reports or collections of seminar papers that have been publicly released.

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Copyright Act Article 48May 1, 2019

Libraries, museums, history museums, science museums, art museums, and other cultural institutions open to the public may reproduce works in their collections in any of the following circumstances: "1.Where a patron requests reproduction of a part of a work that has been publicly released, or a single article from a seminar paper or a single article from a periodical that has been publicly released, provided that the copy is for personal research purposes and is limited to one copy per person. "2.Where necessary to preserve materials. "3.Where the works in question are out of print or difficult to purchase, and have been requested by another similar institute.

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