Copyright Act Article 47May 1, 2019

Within a reasonable scope, and for the purpose of preparing pedagogical texts for which review and approval by an education administrative agency is required by act or regulation, or where an education administrative agency prepares pedagogical texts itself, the works of another person that have been publicly released may be reproduced, adapted, or compiled. "The provisions of the preceding paragraph shall apply mutatis mutandis to the preparation of supplementary teaching aids which are ancillary to the aforesaid textbooks and which are exclusively provided to teachers for teaching purposes; provided, this shall be limited to editing by the preparer of such textbooks. "Within a reasonable scope and for the purpose of meeting educational needs, all levels of legally established schools and educational institutions may publicly broadcast the works of another person that have been publicly released. "In the circumstances set forth in the preceding three paragraphs the exploiter of the work shall notify the economic rights holder and pay compensation for use. The level of compensation shall be set by the competent authority.

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