Copyright Act Article 15May 1, 2019

The author of a work shall enjoy the right to publicly release the work; provided, this shall not apply to a civil servant where, pursuant to the provisions of Article 11 or 12, such person is the author while the juristic person employing such author enjoys the economic rights to the work. "In the following circumstances the author shall be presumed to have consented to the public release of the work: "1.Where, prior to publicly releasing its work, the author has transferred, or licensed to exploit, the economic rights to the work, and the work is publicly released as a consequence of the exercise or exploitation of the economic rights. "2.Where, prior to the public release of a artistic work or a photographic work, the author transfers the original or a copy of such work to another party and the transferee publicly displays the original or copy of the work. "3.Where the work is a Masters thesis or doctoral dissertation written under the 'Degree Conferral Act' and the author has obtained a degree. "Where, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 2 of Article 11 or paragraph 2 of Article 12, an employer or a commissioning party, ab initio, obtained economic rights to a work that has never been publicly released, and where such work is publicly released in conjunction with the transfer, exercise, or exploitation of the economic rights of such work, the author shall be deemed to have consented to the public release of the work. "The provisions of the preceding paragraph shall apply mutatis mutandis to paragraph 3 of Article 12.

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