Company Act Article 41Aug. 1, 2018

The Articles of Incorporation of an unlimited company shall contain the following particulars: "1.The name of the company; "2.The scope of business to be conducted; "3.The name, domicile or residence of each shareholder; "4.The total amount of capital stock and the equity capital contributed by each shareholder; "5.The form, quantity, value or appraisal standards of the value of the property other than cash contributed as equity capital by shareholders, if any; "6.The ratio or standards for profit distribution and loss apportionment among shareholders; "7.The location of the head office and the branch office(s), if any; "8.The name of the shareholder designated to represent the company, if any; "9.The name of the shareholder(s) who is (are) designated to conduct the business operations of the company, if any; "10.The cause of dissolution of the company, if defined; and "11.The date of execution of the Articles of Incorporation. "In case the Articles of Incorporation is not made available at the head office of a company, the shareholder who is designated to represent the company shall be imposed with a fine in an amount not less than NT$ 10,000 but not more than NT$ 50,000. For consecutive refusals to prepare and made available of the Articles of Incorporation, a fine in an amount not less than NT$ 20,000 but not more than NT$ 100,000 shall be imposed each time of such consecutive violation.

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