Company Act Article 386Aug. 1, 2018

A foreign company which, having no intention to set up a branch office to transact business within the territory of the Republic of China, has not applied for branch office registration, but designates a representative for establishing an representative's office in the territory of the Republic of China, shall file a registration application with the competent authority.

If a foreign company has no intention to continuously set up the representative's office after the establishment of such office, it shall apply for nullification of the registration with the competent authority.

If there is vacancy of the representative in the representative's office or the office moves to an unknown place, the competent authority shall, ex officio, order the foreign company to designate a representative or change the location of the office within a certain time limit; if the foreign company still fails to do so after expiry of the deadline date, the competent authority may nullify the registration of the representative's office.

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