Company Act Article 372Aug. 1, 2018

A foreign company which establishes its branch office in the territory of the Republic of China shall appropriate funds exclusively for its operation of business therein and shall designate a representative to serve as its responsible person in the territory of the Republic of China. "Where the responsible person of a foreign company in the territory of the Republic of China refunds the funds under the preceding paragraph to the foreign company or such funds are withdrawn by the foreign company at will after the registration of the branch office, the responsible person shall be punished with imprisonment for a term of not more than five years, detention, or in lieu thereof or in addition thereto a fine in an amount of not less than NT$ 500,000 but not more than NT$ 2,500,0000. "Under any of the circumstances set forth in the preceding paragraph, the responsible person of a foreign company in the territory f the Republic of China shall be liable, jointly and severally with the foreign company, for the damages to be sustained by the third party or parties therefrom. "Upon conviction of the punishment set out in Paragraph Two hereinabove, the central competent authority shall cancel or nullify the registration of that company; provided, however, that the provision set out in this Paragraph shall not apply in case the unlawful act has been rectified by the company before the judgment becomes final. "After the responsible person, agents, employees or other personnel of the branch office of a foreign company have been convicted the crime of Offenses of Forging Instruments or Seals in the Chapter of the Criminal Code in filing an application for registration of its company incorporation or other company alterations, the central competent authority shall, ex officio or upon an application filed by an interested party, cancel or nullify such registration of the said company.

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