Company Act Article 353Aug. 1, 2018

The inspector shall report to the court the following matters in consequence of the inspection:

1.Whether there have been any incidents for which any promoter, director, supervisor, managerial officer or liquidator should be responsible under Article 34, Article 148, Article 155, Article 193 or Article 224;
2.Whether a measure to preserve the property of the company is necessary; and
3.Whether it is necessary to employ a measure of preservation on the property of any promoter, director, supervisor, managerial officer or liquidator, for the exercise of any claim for damage by the company.

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Company Act Article 148Aug. 1, 2018

All shares in the first issue, which have not been subscribed to and those which, though subscribed, have not been paid for, shall be subscribed and paid for the promoters jointly and severally. The same shall apply to those shares which have been subscribed but eventually rescinded.

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Company Act Article 155Aug. 1, 2018

The promoters shall be jointly and severally liable to the company for compensation for loss or damage in consequence of an neglect on their part in the performance of their duties connected with the formation of the company. "The promoters shall, even after incorporation, be jointly and severally liable for debts of the company incurred prior to incorporation.

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Company Act Article 193Aug. 1, 2018

The Board of Directors, in conducting business, shall act in accordance with laws and ordinances, the Articles of Incorporation, and the resolutions adopted at the meetings of shareholders.

Where any resolution adopted by the Board of Directors contravenes the preceding Paragraph, thereby causing loss or damage to the company, all directors taking part in the adoption of such resolution shall be liable to compensate the company for such loss or damage; however, those directors whose disagreement appears on record or is expressed in writing shall be exempted from liability.

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Company Act Article 224Aug. 1, 2018

In case a supervisor has, in performing his functional duties, violated the provisions of any law, regulations, or the Articles of Incorporation of the company, or was negligent of his duties and thus causing any damage to the company, he shall be liable for indemnifying the company for such damage.

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Company Act Article 34Aug. 1, 2018

A managerial officer who violates any provision of laws or ordinances, or of Articles of Incorporation, or of the preceding article, thereby causing loss or damage to the company, shall be liable to compensate the company.

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