Company Act Article 322Aug. 1, 2018

In case of liquidation of a company, the directors shall become its liquidators, unless otherwise provided for in this Act or in the Articles of Incorporation or where other persons are appointed by a meeting of shareholders.

If no liquidator can be determined pursuant to the aforesaid provisions, the court may appoint a liquidator upon the application of any interested person.

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Company Act Article 23Aug. 1, 2018

The responsible person of a company shall have the loyalty and shall exercise the due care of a good administrator in conducting the business operation of the company; and if he/she has acted contrary to this provision, shall be liable for the damages to be sustained by the company there-from. "If the responsible person of a company has, in the course of conducting the business operations, violated any provision of the applicable laws and/or regulations and thus caused damage to any other person, he/she shall be liable, jointly and severally, for the damage to such other person. "In case the responsible person of a company does anything for himself/herself or on behalf of another person in violation of the provisions of Paragraph 1, the meeting of shareholders may, by a resolution, consider the earnings in such an act as earnings of the company unless one year has lapsed since the realization of such earnings.

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Company Act Article 8Aug. 1, 2018

The term 'responsible persons' of a company as used in this Act denotes shareholders conducting the business or representing the company in case of an unlimited company or unlimited company with limited liability shareholders; directors of the company in case of a limited company or a company limited by shares.

The managerial officer, liquidator or temporary manager of a company, the promoter, supervisor, inspector, reorganizer or reorganization supervisor of a company limited by shares acting within the scope of their duties, are also responsible persons of a company.

A non-director of a company who de facto conducts business of a director or de facto controls over the management of the personnel, financial or business operation of the company and de facto instructs a director to conduct business shall be liable for the civil, criminal and administrative liabilities as a director in this Act, provided, however, that such liabilities shall not apply to an instruction of the government to the director appointed by the government for the purposes of economic development, promotion of social stability, or other circumstances which can promote public interests.

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