Company Act Article 32Aug. 1, 2018

A managerial personnel of a company shall not concurrently act as a managerial personnel of another company, nor shall he/she operate, for the benefit of his/her own or others, any business which is the same as that of the company employs him/her, unless otherwise concurred in by the company pursuant to the provisions of Paragraph One, Article 29 hereof.

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Company Act Article 29Aug. 1, 2018

A company may have one or more managerial personnel in accordance with its Articles of Incorporation. Appointment and discharge and the remuneration of the managerial personnel shall be decided in accordance with the following provisions provided, however, that if there are higher standards specified in the Articles of Incorporation, such higher standards shall prevail:

1. In the case of an unlimited company or an unlimited company with limited liability shareholders, it shall be decided by a majority of all shareholders with unlimited liability;
2. In the case of a limited company, it shall be decided by a majority of voting shares of all shareholders;
3. In the case of a company limited by shares, it shall be decided by a resolution to be adopted by a majority vote of the directors at a meeting of the board of directors attended by at least a majority of the entire directors of the company.

Under the circumstance of Article 156-4, the competent authority of special approval shall require the company participating in the governmental special bailout program to provide with a self-help plan and may restrict the remuneration of the managerial personnel of such company or impose other necessary restrictions or disposal on such company in accordance with the regulations to be prescribed by the central competent authority.

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