Company Act Article 317Aug. 1, 2018

When a company is split up or to be consolidated or merged with another company, the Board of Directors shall draft a split-up plan or a contract of consolidation or merger in respect of the matters related to such company split-up plan or the consolidation or merger contract and shall submit the same to a meeting of shareholders. Any shareholder who has expressed his dissension, in writing or verbally with a record before or during the meeting, may waive his voting right and request the company to buy back, shares of the split and consolidated or merged company he holds at the prevailing fair price.

In case the another company referred to in the preceding Paragraph is a newly incorporated company, then the meeting of shareholders of the split company shall be regarded as the promoters meeting of the said another company, and election of the directors and supervisors of such new company may be conducted at that meeting. "The provisions of Article 187 and Article 188 of this Act shall apply, mutatis mutandis, to the circumstance specified in the preceding Paragraph.

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Company Act Article 317-1Aug. 1, 2018

The contract of consolidation or merger, as mentioned in Paragraph 1 of the preceding article, shall be made in writing setting forth the following particular:

1.The name of the consolidated or merged company and, after the consolidation or merger, the name of the surviving company or the newly incorporated company;
2.Total number of shares, kinds of shares and amounts of each kind issued by the surviving company or newly incorporated company as a result of the consolidation or merger;
3.Where shares are to be issued to shareholders of the dissolved company by the surviving company or newly incorporated company as a result of consolidation or merger, the total number of new shares, kinds of shares and amount of each kind, method of distribution, together with other relevant matters;
4.The relevant provision applicable if the amount of shares to be issued to shareholders of the dissolved company after consolidation or merger is less than the value of one share and payable in cash;
5.The Articles of Incorporation of a surviving company must be modified or altered, or that of a newly incorporated company to be executed, in accordance with Article 129.

The aforesaid contract of consolidation or merger shall be sent to shareholders together with the notice to convene a meeting of shareholders for approval of the resolution to be adopted for consolidation or merger.

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Company Act Article 317-2Aug. 1, 2018

The company split-up plan according to Paragraph I, Article 317 shall be reduced to writing and contain the following particulars:

1.The changes/alterations need to be made in the Articles of Incorporation of the existing company succeeding the business of the split company, or the full text of the Articles of Incorporation;
2.The value of the business, the assets and the liabilities of the split company, and the share swap ratio and calculation basis;
3.The total number, categories, and the number in each category of the new shares to be issued by the existing company succeeding the business of the split company or to be issued by the new company to be incorporated;
4.The total number, categories, and the number of share in each category of the shares to be acquired by the split company or its shareholders;
5.Where the fractional share to be distributed to the split company or its shareholder is to be paid in cash, the relevant provisions governing the process thereof;
6.The rights and obligations of the split company to be succeeded by the existing company or by the new company to be incorporated, and the mattes in connection therewith;
7.Where the capital stock of the split company is reduced, the matters in connection with such capital reduction;
8.The matters which shall be settled in the cancellation of the shares of the split company; and
9.Where the company split-up plan is to be carried out jointly by a company and another company, the resolutions of company split-up to be adopted by both companies shall contain the matters pertaining to such joint splitting arrangement. "The company split-up plan as required in the preceding Paragraph shall be disseminated to all shareholders along with the notice of meeting of shareholders which is convened for a resolution on the approval of the company split-up plan.

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Company Act Article 187Aug. 1, 2018

The request mentioned in the preceding article shall be brought forth in writing within twenty days after the adoption of resolution under Article 185, stating therein the kinds and number of shares.

In case an agreement on the price of shares is reached between the shareholder and the company, the company shall pay for the shares within ninety days from the date on which the resolution was adopted. In case no agreement is reached within sixty days of the date on which the resolution was adopted in accordance with Article 185, the shareholder may, within thirty days from the date on which the sixty-day period expired, apply to court for a ruling on the price.

The company shall pay legal interest on the price ruled by the court from the date of expiration of the period referred to in Paragraph 2. The payment of price shall be made at the same time against the delivery of share certificates, and the transfer of such shares shall be effective at the time when payment is made.

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Company Act Article 188Aug. 1, 2018

The request of a shareholder as provided in Article 186 shall lose its effect at the time when the company calls off its act as specified in Article 185, paragraph 1.

The same shall apply where a shareholder fails to make request within the period prescribed in Paragraphs 1 and 2 of the preceding article.

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