Company Act Article 302Aug. 1, 2018

At the meeting of concerned persons, the voting right shall be exercised in groups of claimants as provided in Article 298, Paragraph 1, and resolutions shall be adopted by a majority vote of over one-half of the aggregate votes of different groups.

In the event that there is no net value of capital of the company, the shareholders group shall not exercise voting right.

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Company Act Article 298Aug. 1, 2018

The reorganization supervisor shall, after the expiration of the period for declaring rights, in accordance with findings in the preliminary examination, prepare lists of preferred creditors in reorganization secured creditors in reorganization, unsecured creditors in reorganization and shareholders respectively, stating therein the nature of their rights, sums of money and number of votes, and shall submit a report to the court, keep all of the above at a suitable place, and publicly announce the date and place of such keeping so that the creditors in reorganization, shareholders and other interested persons may inspect, all to be done three days before the date mentioned in Article 289, Paragraph 1, Item 2.

The number of votes of creditors in reorganization shall be determined in proportion to the amounts of money involved in their credits. The number of votes of shareholders shall be provided in the Articles of Incorporation.

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