Company Act Article 300Aug. 1, 2018

All creditors in reorganization and shareholders shall be concerned persons in the reorganization of the company and shall attend meetings of concerned persons. They may appoint a proxy to attend such meetings if they are unable to do so in person for any cause. "The reorganization supervisor shall be the chairman of all meetings of concerned persons and shall convene all such meetings with the exception of the first meeting. "The reorganization supervisor, in calling meetings as provided in the preceding paragraph, shall serve notice and public announcement five days prior to the meeting, stating therein the purpose of the meeting. In the event that no conclusion can be reached at one meeting, and announcement to adjourn or postpone the meeting is made on the spot by the reorganization supervisor, then no service of notice or public announcement is required. "At the meeting of concerned persons, the reorganizers and responsible persons of the company shall be present to answer inquiries. "Responsible persons of the company who refuse to answer inquiries as aforesaid without reason or make false statement in their replies shall be severally subject to imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year, detention and/or a fine not exceeding NT$60,000.

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