Company Act Article 285-1Aug. 1, 2018

Based on the report made by the inspector and by making reference to the opinions provided by the central authority in charge of the end enterprise concerned, the authority in charge of securities affairs, the central authority in charge of financial affairs, and other relevant authorities and organizations, the court shall, within 120 days after its receipt of a reorganization application filed by a company, render a ruling to approve or to dismiss the said re-organization application and shall notify all authorities concerned of such ruling accordingly. "The 120-day reviewing period fixed in the preceding Paragraph may be extended by a ruling to be made by the court for an additional 30 days provided that no more than two extensions may be made. "Under either of the following circumstances, the court may dismiss a company re-organization application: "1.Where any statement or information contained in the written application documents is found false or untrue; or "2.Where reconstruction and/or rehabilitation as proposed by the applicant is deemed unfeasible after considering the business and financial conditions of the company. "When dismissing a company reorganization application by a ruling to be rendered in accordance with the provisions set out in the preceding Paragraph, the court may, ex officio, make a bankruptcy pronouncement, if the conditions for bankruptcy are met.

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Company Act Article 285Aug. 1, 2018

In addition to the requests for opinions as provided in the preceding article, the court may also select and appoint a person with specialized knowledge or experience in the operation of the business of the company but without any interest therein as the inspector who shall, within thirty days after appointment, complete the following examinations and submit a report accordingly:

1.The actual business, financial condition, and evaluation of the assets of the company;
2.To examine in the light of the analysis of the business and financial conditions, the assets and production equipment of the company to see whether the reconstruction or rehabilitation of the company is possible or not;
3.To examine the merits and demerits of the previous business operation of the company and the records of management of the operation by the responsible person of the company to see whether there was any neglect or improper practices;
4.To examine whether there is any fraudulent or false statement in the application;
5.To examine the feasibility of the reorganization proposal, if the applicant is the company; and
6.To examine other relevant reorganization proposals.

The inspector may inspect all books, records of accounts, documents and property relating to the business or finance of the company. The directors, supervisors, managerial personnel, or other staff personnel shall have the obligation to answer the enquiries made by the inspector regarding the operation and financial activities.

Directors, supervisors, managerial officers and other employees of the company who refuse the aforesaid examination or refuse to answer the aforesaid questions without reason or make false statements shall be severally subject to a fine not less than NT$ 20,000 but not more than NT$ 100,000.

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