Company Act Article 257-2Aug. 1, 2018

The company issuing corporate bonds may be exempted from printing the certificate(s) in respect of the corporate bonds issued by it, but shall register the issued bonds with a centralized securities depositary enterprise and follow the regulations of that enterprise.

The transfer and creation of pledge for the corporate bonds registered with a centralized securities depositary enterprise shall be handled by the company or by way of book-entry transfer; Article 164 of this Act and Article 908 of the Civil Code shall not apply.

The preceding paragraph shall not apply to bonds printed but not returned to the company.

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Company Act Article 257Aug. 1, 2018

Certificates of corporate bonds shall, prior to their issuance, bear serial numbers, issuing dates and all the particulars as required Items 1 to 4, and Item 18 and Item 19 under Paragraph I of Article 248 of this Act. If the corporate bonds to be issued are issued under guarantee, or are convertible to shares, or may be used for subscribing shares, they shall be marked with the words of 'Guaranteed', 'Convertible' and/or 'share subscription allowed', and shall be affixed with signature or seal of the director representing a company, and they shall be certified by the bank which is competent to certify bonds under the laws.

In addition to the particulars to be indicated on the certificates of corporate bonds as required by the preceding Paragraph, the name or title and the signature or seal of the guarantor(s) shall also be indicated and affixed on the face of the secured corporate bond certificates.

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Civil Code Article 908June 19, 2019

If the subject of a pledge is securities for which no rights holder is named, the creation of the pledge becomes effective by the delivery of the securities to the pledgee. If the subject is any other type of securities, endorsement is also required to be made. "The endorsement referred to in the preceding paragraph may include a notation as to the purpose for which the pledge is created.

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Company Act Article 164Aug. 1, 2018

Share certificate shall be assigned only by the holder thereof by way of endorsement, and the name or title of the assignee shall be indicated on the share certificate.

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