Company Act Article 217-1Aug. 1, 2018

In case all supervisors of a company are discharged, the board of directors shall, within 30 days, convene a special meeting of shareholders to elect new supervisors. However, for a company whose shares are issued to the public, the special meeting of shareholders for election of supervisors shall be convened by the board of directors within 60 day.

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Company Act Article 217Aug. 1, 2018

The term of office of a supervisor shall not exceed three years, but he may be eligible for re-election.

In case election of new supervisors can not be effected in time after expiration of the term of office of existing supervisors, the existing supervisor shall continue to perform their duties until the new supervisors elect has assumed their office as supervisors. However, the competent authority may order, ex officio, the company to conduct the re-election of supervisors within a given time limit. If election of new supervisors is still not effected, the existing supervisors shall be discharged, ipso facto, upon expiry of the time limit hereinabove fixed by the competent authority.

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