Company Act Article 214Aug. 1, 2018

Shareholder(s) who has/have been continuously holding 1% or more of the total number of the outstanding shares of the company over six months may request in writing the supervisors of the company to institute, for the company, an action against a director of the company.

In case the supervisors fails to institute an action within 30 days after having received the request made under the preceding Paragraph, then the shareholders filing such request under the preceding Paragraph may institute the action for the company; and under such circumstance, the court may, at the petition of the defendant, order the suing shareholders to furnish an appropriate security. In case the suing shareholders become the loser in that lawsuit and thus causing any damage to the company, the suing shareholders shall be liable for indemnifying the company for such damage.

The shareholder(s) who initiate(s) the action in accordance with the preceding paragraph may temporarily be exempted from paying the portion of the court costs in excess of NT$600,000 if the amount of court costs collected is more than NT$ 600,000.

In the action initiated in accordance with the provision of Paragraph Two, the court may, on motion, appoint an attorney as an advocate for the plaintiff.

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