Company Act Article 199-1Aug. 1, 2018

Where all directors of a company are re-elected, prior to the expiration of the term of office of existing directors, and in the absence of a resolution that existing directors will not be discharged until the expiry of their present term of office, all existing directors shall be deemed discharged in advance.

The aforesaid re-election shall be attended by shareholders who represent more than one-half of the total number of issued and outstanding shares.

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Company Act Article 199Aug. 1, 2018

A director may be discharged at any time by a resolution adopted at a shareholders' meeting provided, however, that if a director is discharged during the term of his/her office as a director without good cause shown, the said director may make a claim against the company for any and all damages sustained by him/her as a result of such discharge.

A resolution required for discharging a director under the preceding Paragraph may be adopted only by a majority of the shareholders present who represent two-thirds or more of the total number of its outstanding shares by the company.

For a company whose shares are issued to the public, if the total number of shares represented by the shareholders present at a shareholders' meeting is less than the quorum set forth in the preceding Paragraph, the resolution required for discharging a director may be adopted by two-thirds (2/3) of the total votes of the shareholders present at the shareholders' meeting attended by the shareholders representing a majority of the total number of outstanding shares issued by the company. "Where higher requirements of the quorum of a shareholders' meeting and the number of votes are specified in the Articles of Incorporation of a company, such higher requirements shall prevail.

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