Company Act Article 183Aug. 1, 2018

Resolutions adopted at a shareholders' meeting shall be recorded in the minutes of the meeting, which shall be affixed with the signature or seal of the chairman of the meeting and shall be distributed to all shareholders of the company within twenty (20) days after the close of the meeting.

The preparation and distribution of the minutes of shareholders' meeting as required in the preceding Paragraph may be effected by means of electronic transmission.

With regard to a company offering its shares to the public, the distribution of the minutes of shareholders' meeting as required in Paragraph One of this Article may be effected by means of a public notice.

The minutes of shareholders' meeting shall record the date and place of the meeting, the name of the chairman, the method of adopting resolutions, and a summary of the essential points of the proceedings and the results of the meeting. The minutes shall be kept persistently throughout the life of the company.

The attendance list bearing the signatures of shareholders present at the meeting and the powers of attorney of the proxies shall be kept by the company for a minimum period of at least one year. However, if a lawsuit has been instituted by any shareholder in accordance with the provisions of Article 189 hereof, the minutes of the shareholders' meeting involved shall be kept by the company until the legal proceedings of the foregoing lawsuit have been concluded.

The director authorized to represent the company who violates the provisions of Paragraph I, Paragraph IV or the preceding Paragraph of this Article shall be imposed with a fine of not less than NT$ 10,000 but not more than NT$ 50,000.

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Company Act Article 189Aug. 1, 2018

In case the procedure for convening a shareholders' meeting or the method of adopting resolutions thereat is in contrary to any law, ordinance or the company's Articles of Incorporation, a shareholder may, within 30 days from the date of adoption of the said resolution, enter a petition in the court for annulment of such resolution.

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