Company Act Article 145Aug. 1, 2018

At the inaugural meeting of the company, the following matters shall be reported by the promoters: "1. The Articles of Incorporation; "2. The roster of shareholders; "3. The total number of shares issued; "4. The name of subscribers and the kinds, quantities, values or appraisal standards of the property, technical know-how other than cash provided by subscribers as their capital contributions, if any; "5. The incorporation costs to be borne by the company, and the remuneration payable to promoters; "6. The total number of special shares, if any, to be issued; and "7. The roster of directors and supervisors of the company, which roster shall indicate the domiciles or residences, the serial number of ID Cards or the reference number of the status certificates issued by the government of them. "Upon finding of any false statements in the report made under the preceding Paragraph, the promoters shall each be imposed with a fine in an amount not more than NT$ 60,000.

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