Company Act Article 138Aug. 1, 2018

The promoters shall prepare a share subscription form indicating therein the matters required in Paragraph One, Article 133 and the reference number and the date of the approval letter given by the authority in charge of securities, and shall make such form available to the subscribers for them to fill in the number and amount of the shares to be subscribed and their respective domiciles or residences, and to affix thereon their respective signatures or personal seals.

In case the share certificates are issued at a premium, the subscribers shall indicate in the share subscription form the amount of share price they agree to pay.

In the event the promoters violate the provisions of Paragraph One of this Article by failing to prepare and make available the share subscription forms, the authority in charge of securities shall impose on them a fine in an amount not less than NT$ 10,000 but not more than NT$ 50,000.

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Company Act Article 133Aug. 1, 2018

The promoters, when publicly soliciting subscriptions to shares, shall first have the following documents and information prepared, and then file the same along with an application to the authority in charge of securities exchange for examination and approval: "1.Business plan; "2.Full names and resumes of the promoters, and the number of shares subscribed, and the kind of contribution; "3.Prospectus; "4.Names and locations of banks or post offices authorized to collect payment for shares subscribed; "5.Names of underwriters or agents, if any, and the covenants between the promoters and such underwriters or agents; and "6.Other matters as may be prescribed by the authority in charge of securities exchange. "The total number of shares subscribed by the aforesaid promoters shall not be less than one-fourth of the total number of shares in the first issue. "Within thirty days after receiving a notice from the authority in charge of securities exchange, all documents and information specified in various items of Paragraph 1 of this Article shall be annotated with the reference number and date of the approval letter and publicly announced provided, however, that the covenants referred to in Item 5 of the Paragraph 1 may be exempt from public announcement.

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