Company Act Article 126Aug. 1, 2018

A company shall be dissolved upon the withdrawal of all shareholders of unlimited liability or of limited liability; however, the remaining shareholders may, with unanimous agreement, join with either shareholders of unlimited liability or shareholders of limited liability to continue the business. "When all shareholders of limited liability withdraw as aforesaid, two or more shareholders of unlimited liability may, with unanimous agreement, reincorporate the company into an unlimited company. "When shareholders of unlimited liability and shareholders of limited liability unanimously agree to reincorporate the company into an unlimited company, it shall be done in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph. "A company may reincorporate into a limited company or a company limited by shares with the approval by two thirds or more of all shareholders to modify its Articles of Incorporation. "Under the circumstance of the preceding paragraph, the dissenting shareholders may withdraw his/her share capital by giving a written notice to the company.

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