Civil Code Article 924-1June 19, 2019

When the dian-maker makes an expression of redeeming the property sub-dianed to the dian-holder, if the dian-holder does not redeem from the sub-dian-holder and cancel the recordation of dian within a reasonable period, the dian-maker is entitled to redeem, within the price of original claim, the property dianed from the last sub-dain holder at the price of the last sub-dianed. "In the case of the preceding paragraph, if the price for sub-dian is lower than the price for the original dian, the dian-holder or the sub-dian-holder is entitled to claim the difference of the price between the original dian and the sub-dian. The dian-maker can also lodge the difference in amount for every person who is entitled to claim. "The provision of the preceding two paragraphs shall also apply to the following circumstances: "1. The dian-holder has previously declared that he refuses to cancel the recordation of the dian. "2. The dian-maker cannot make the expression of redemption because the dian-holder is missing or other circumstances.

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Civil Code Article 924June 19, 2019

If no period has been fixed for the duration of the dian, the dian-maker may redeem the property dianed at any time at the original price received for the dian. However, if it is not redeemed within thirty years from the creation of the dian, the dian-holder acquires the ownership of the property dianed.

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Civil Code Article 924-2June 19, 2019

Where the land and the building thereon are owned by the same person, and the dian is only created on the land, a lease relationship is presumed to exist between the dian-holder and the owner of the building during the existence of the dian or the building. If the dian is only created on the building, a lease relationship is presumed to exist between dian-holder and the landowner within the duration of the dian. If the dian is created on the land and the building respectively, a lease relationship is presumed to exist between the dian-holders within the duration of both dian.

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