Civil Code Article 899June 19, 2019

A pledge of personal property is extinguished by the destruction or loss of the thing pledged, unless the pledgor is entitled to receive compensation or other benefits as a result of such loss or destruction. "The pledgee retains a pledge over any right to compensation or other right of claim exercisable by the pledgor as referred to in the preceding paragraph. The seniority of the pledge so retained is the same as that of the original pledge. "If a payment obligor, intentionally or through gross negligence, makes a payment to the pledgor, the payment has no effect against the pledgee. "Under the circumstances referred to in the preceding paragraph, the pledgee may demand that the pledgor deliver the thing given in payment or make a lodgment of the money paid. "The provisions of the preceding four paragraphs apply mutatis mutandis with respect to compensation or other benefits that may be received as a result of damage to a thing pledged.

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Civil Code Article 899-1June 19, 2019

A debtor or a third party may provide personal property belonging thereto to create a line of credit pledge, for not more than a specified maximum amount, to secure a creditor's unspecified claim within a specific scope against the debtor. "The creation of a pledge referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be done in writing, in addition to transferring the possession of the personal property. "The provisions regarding line of credit mortgages, and of Article 884 through the preceding article, apply mutatis mutandis to line of credit pledges.

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Civil Code Article 899-2June 19, 2019

A pledgee that has received approval to engage in the business of taking pledges may exercise its rights only against the things pledged. If a pledgor does not redeem the thing pledged within five days after the expiration of the period for redemption, the pledgee obtains ownership of the thing pledged, and the claim that it secures is thereupon extinguished. "The provisions of Articles 889 to 895, Article 899, and Article 899-1 do not apply to pledges referred to in the preceding paragraph.

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