Civil Code Article 873-2June 19, 2019

When a mortgagee enforces a mortgage, the mortgage on the real property is extinguished by the sale at auction of the mortgaged property. "In the circumstances referred to in the preceding paragraph, any unexpired payment period on the claim secured by the mortgage will be deemed to have expired to the extent that payment may be effected from the proceeds from the sale at auction of the mortgaged property. "If no payment period is specified for the claim secured by the mortgage or the payment period has not yet expired, and the auction winner or the creditor succeeding to the mortgaged property declares a willingness to pay the claim to the extent of the value of the mortgaged property as auctioned or received through succession, and the mortgagee has consented, the provisions of the preceding two paragraphs shall not apply.

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Civil Code Article 873June 19, 2019

A mortgagee who has not been paid upon maturity of the claim may apply to a court to have the mortgaged property sold by auction and to receive payment out of the proceeds of the sale.

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Civil Code Article 873-1June 19, 2019

A stipulation that ownership of mortgaged property will be transferred to the mortgagee upon failure to pay the claim at maturity shall not be effective against a third party unless it has been registered. "When a mortgagee demands that the mortgagor transfer the ownership of a mortgaged property, any portion of the property's value in excess of the claim it secures shall be returned to the mortgagor; if the mortgaged property is insufficient to repay the claim it secures, the mortgagee may demand full repayment of the obligation by the debtor. "Before the ownership of a mortgaged property has been transferred to the mortgagee, the mortgagor may extinguish the mortgage by repaying the claim secured by the mortgage.

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