Civil Code Article 820June 19, 2019

Unless otherwise provided by a covenant, the management of the thing held in indivision, the consent of more than half of the Co-owners whose holding of ownership is more than half of the total share shall be required. But if the holding of ownership is more than two thirds, the numbers of consenting co-owners need not be taken into account. "If the management in accordance with the preceding paragraph is obviously unfair, the disagreeing co-owner may apply to the court for the alternation. "When the management of the preceding two paragraphs cannot be maintained because of the change of circumstance, the court may rule an alternation on the application of any of the co-owners. "The co-owners, with intent or gross negligence, pursuant to the first paragraph of this article, pass the resolution of the management which caused damages to other co-owners, shall be jointly and severally liable to the damages suffered by the opposing co-owners. "In regard to simple repairs and such other act for the preservation of the thing held in indivision, each of the co-owners is entitled to make it alone.

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