Civil Code Article 720June 19, 2019

The maker of a security payable to bearer is bound to make the prestation to the person who presents it. However, he shall not make such prestation if he knows that the bearer is not entitled to dispose of the securities, or if he has been notified of the loss, stolen or destruction of the same.

The maker is released from his obligation if he has performed according to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, even if the bearer was not entitled to dispose of the securities.

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Civil Code Article 720-1June 19, 2019

If, after the bearer has notified the maker of the loss, stealing, or destruction of the security payable to bearer, the bearer does not present the proof of the application for public summons within five days, the notification loses its effect.

In the proceedings by public summons prescribed in the preceding paragraph, if the bearer does not present the proof of the commencement of the litigation to the maker within ten days after the court has notified him that report of rights from the third person, the same rule shall be applied.

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