Civil Code Article 601-1June 19, 2019

The depositary is bound to return the thing deposited to the depositor, notwithstanding any claim of a third party who asserts a right over it, unless such person files an action against the depositary or attaches the thing. "In the case of an attachment or action by such third party, the depositary shall inform the depositor without delay.

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Civil Code Article 601June 19, 2019

If a remuneration has been agreed upon, it is payable at the termination of the deposit. If the remuneration is fixed by periods, it is payable at the end of each period. "If the custody of the thing deposited be suspended owing to a circumstance for which the depositary is not liable, the depositary may claim a portion of the remuneration proportionate to his services rendered, unless otherwise provided for by contract.

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Civil Code Article 601-2June 19, 2019

Claims for remuneration, reimbursement of expenses or the injury relating to a contract of deposit are extinguished by prescription, if not exercised within one year from the date of the termination of the deposit.

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