Civil Code Article 506June 19, 2019

If, at the time of the making of the contract, only an approximate estimate has been made for remuneration, and if, owing to circumstances for which the proprietor is not responsible, the remuneration will greatly exceed the estimate, the proprietor may rescind the contract either during the execution of the work or after its completion. "In the case specified in the preceding paragraph if the contract is for the construction of a building or other works executed on land, or for vital repairs of the said building or works, the proprietor may only demand for a reasonable reduction of the remuneration; or, if the work is not completed, he may notify the undertaker to cease the work and may rescind the contract. "When the proprietor rescinds the contract in accordance with the provisions of the two preceding paragraphs, he shall compensate reasonably to the undertaker for the injury.

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