Civil Code Article 247June 19, 2019

When a contract is void on account of the impossibility of the performance, the party who at the time of constituting the contract knew or might know the impossibility is responsible for the injury caused to the other party who, without his own negligence, believed in the validity of the contract. "The provision of the preceding paragraph shall be mutatis mutandis applied if the prestation is partially impossible and the contract is valid in respect to the possible part, or if one of the several prestations subject to a choice is impossible. "The claims for the injury in the preceding two paragraphs shall be extinguished by prescription if not exercised within two years.

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Civil Code Article 247-1June 19, 2019

If a contract has been constituted according to the provisions which were prepared by one of the parties for contracts of the same kind, the agreements which include the following agreements and are obviously unfair under that circumstance are void. "(1) To release or to reduce the responsibility of the party who prepared the entries of the contract. "(2) To increase the responsibility of the other party. "(3) To make the other party waive his right or to restrict the exercise of his right. "(4) Other matters gravely disadvantageous to the other party.

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