Civil Code Article 165-3June 19, 2019

If there are several persons evaluated as the best, unless otherwise notified in the public notice, these persons acquire the claim for reward jointly.

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Civil Code Article 165June 19, 2019

When a promise of reward made by a public notice is withdrawn before the act is performed, the promisor is bound to compensate the person performing the act in good faith for the injury arising therefrom, unless the promisor can prove that the person could have never performed the act. The compensation shall not exceed the amount of the promised reward. "When there is a period of time fixed for the performance in the public notice, the promisor is presumed to waive his withdrawing right.

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Civil Code Article 165-1June 19, 2019

If a public notice promises to reward the person who has performed a particular act, notified within a certain period of time and has been evaluated as the best, it is a rewarding public notice for the best. The promisor is bound to deliver the reward in the completion of the evaluation.

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Civil Code Article 165-2June 19, 2019

The evaluation in the preceding article shall be proceeded by the person appointed in the public notice. If there is no any appointment in the public notice, it shall be proceed with the manner decided by the promisor. "The evaluation according to the provision of the preceding paragraph shall be binding on the promisor and the promisee.

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Civil Code Article 165-4June 19, 2019

The provision of Article 164-1 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the rewarding public notice for the best.

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