Civil Code Article 164June 19, 2019

When a public notice promises to reward the person for his performance of a particular act, it is a rewarding public notice. The promisor is bound to deliver the reward to the person who has performed the act. "When the act specified in the preceding paragraph has been successively performed by several persons, it is the person who has performed first acquires the claim for reward; when the act has been performed jointly by several persons or performed simultaneously by several persons respectively, it is these persons who acquire the claim for reward jointly. "In the preceding paragraph, if the promisor has delivered the reward in good faith to the person who has first notified his performance, the obligation of the promisor to deliver the reward shall be extinguished. "The provisions of the preceding three paragraphs shall apply mutatis mutandis to the person who has performed such act specified in the public notice without knowing of this notice.

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Civil Code Article 164-1June 19, 2019

If there is a specific right acquired because of the performance of an act in the preceding article, this right shall belong to the person who has performed the act, unless otherwise notified in the public notice.

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