Patent Act Article 93May 1, 2019

Time period for payment of annuity

The annuity for an invention patent shall be paid starting from the publication date. Payment of the first-year annuity shall be made pursuant to the provision set forth in Paragraph 1, Article 52 hereof, while the payment of the second-year annuity and the annuities thereafter shall be made before the period thereof expires.

The annuity for several years may be paid at one time. Under such circumstance, if the annuity rate is adjusted upward, the patentee concerned will not be required to pay the deficit.

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Patent Act Article 52May 1, 2019

Payment of fees and publication

For a patent application for invention that is approved, the grant of such patent application shall be published only when the patent certificate fee and the first-year patent annuity are paid by the applicant within three (3) months after the date on which the approval decision is served; if the fees are not paid within the said time period, no publication shall be made.

A patent right granted to a patent application for invention shall start from the publication date of the patent, and a patent certificate shall be issued thereto.

The term of an invention patent shall expire after a period of twenty (20) years from the filing date of the application.

Where the applicant unintentionally fails to pay the required fees within the time period set forth in Paragraph 1 or Paragraph 4 of the preceding article, the applicant should pay the patent certificate fee and two times the first-year patent annuity within six (6) months after the period has expired. After the said payment has been made, the Specific Patent Agency shall publish the patent.

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