Patent Act Article 128May 1, 2019

First-to-file principle "Where two or more patent applications are filed for the same or similar design(s), only the earlier-filed application can be granted. The above shall not apply if the priority date claimed for the later-filed application is earlier than the filing date of the earlier application. "Where the filing date and the priority date referred to in the preceding paragraph are the same, the applicants shall be notified to reach an agreement with respect to the matter concerned. If such an agreement cannot be reached, none of the applications shall be granted. If the said patent applications are filed by the same applicant, the applicant shall be notified to select one patent application within a specified time period; failure to make a selection within the time period shall result in the rejection of all such patent applications. "While the applicants concerned are in the process of reaching an agreement, the Specific Patent Agency shall require that these applicants report the results of the negotiation within an appropriate time period. If the said report is not provided within the specified time period, it shall be deemed that the agreement has not been reached. "The above three paragraphs shall not apply to any of the following: "1. the applications for the original design and its derivative design(s); or "2. the applications for two or more derivative designs that originate from the same design.

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